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Seamless E-Commerce Experience

Unicorn Group provides customisable international payment solutions for all types of online businesses to suit their needs. It’s important for your online store to accept all major credit cards. But, in this day and age, it’s just as important to accept all of the other alternative payment options that your customers may prefer to use.

Unicorn Group supports more preferred payment options and streamlines your checkout process, offering your customers a quick and easy e-commerce experience.

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  • Accept All Major Credit Cards
  • Accept More Alternative Payment Options
  • Mobile-Friendly Checkout Experience
  • Pre-Built Shopping Cart Plug-Ins
  • Settle Your Profit in Your Preferred Currency
  • 24/7 Support for You and Your Customers

Sign up today and see why we’re Switzerland’s preferred payment solution provider!

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    Integrate Unicorn Group today in a few simple steps and accept 164 currencies from all over the world. You’ll accept payments in 196 countries and settle your profit straight into your bank account in any of 25 currencies.

    Unicorn Group protects your business and all your transactions with PCI Level 1 Compliance and state-of-the-art Fraud Scrub technology. Finally, track your transactions in real-time with a robust reporting system and payment gateway. We also offer free integration assistance!



    Integrate Unicorn Group as a secondary payment solution on your website and never miss a payment! You can integrate Unicorn Group’s online payment solution as a back-up payment processor, an additional payment processor to accept more alternative payment methods, or to send your declined transactions or transactions that your other payment provider cannot process.

    Many companies have integrated Unicorn Group as a secondary solution and have been able to save an average of 12% of their total sales, recovering 68% of their previously declined online payment processing transactions.


    Our dedication to our merchants and our state-of-the-art security have made Unicorn Group the leading global merchant services provider. Sign up today for your personalized rate, obligation free.


    Our payment processing solutions aren’t a one size fits all affair. We have a range of services designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Sign up today and let’s build out the perfect service to pair with your growing business.


    If you’re looking for a quick and easily integrated solution with minimal coding required, QuickPay is a great choice. You can begin accepting transactions on your website in as little as 12 hours after applying. With QuickPay, you can count on our trusted, world-renowned features such as our reporting interface, industry leading security standards, customer service, and fraud prevention technology.

    Business Pro

    Do you need a more customised solution? Business Pro can suit your needs by offering you a payment page that is built to fit your website. Business Pro adds customisation while still ensuring ease of integration and state-of-the-art security. Business Pro offers more flexibility and can be paired with almost any shopping cart solution in any programming language, offering a bespoke, unique solution to your business.


    Unicorn Group’s Payment Gateway Dashboard gives you accurate, real-time transaction data from anywhere in the world on any device. Keep track of your sales at all times with automated reports and in-depth visualisations for each transaction. Our global payment gateway and its modern reporting tools will help you keep track of your entire account without spending countless hours tracking your sales.

    Using real-time data visualisations will help you make sure each and every dollar is accounted for, giving you the ability to track your daily transactions over time and monitor your sales and growth.

    View on Any Device

    Unicorn Group’s Global Payment Gateway is designed to unlock content in any format. Whether you’re on your desktop at home or your mobile device on-the-go, you can rest assured that all your vital information is at your fingertips.

    Scales to Any Size

    Unicorn Group customises form-fit solutions for businesses of all sizes at low rates. Whether you run a Fortune 500 enterprise or a small, local business, Unicorn Group has the solution for you.



    Unicorn Group’s payment gateway services are far more than just a dashboard and the ability to accept payments – you get the tools you need to manage your business and protection against fraud. Here are just a few of our Global Payment Gateway features that are available to you.

    Virtual Terminal

    Accept payments manually on your desktop or mobile device. Just enter your customer’s credit card or alternative payment information and click “Charge”.

    Affiliate Management

    You set your reseller, affiliate, or employee rates and issue commission payouts. Manage your profit and payouts with individual reports for free.

    Customer Database

    Collect and store your customer’s contact information for e-mail marketing campaigns to keep your audience engaged.

    Recurring Billing

    Unicorn Group makes it simple to seamlessly implement flexible billing cycles for recurring billing and membership plans.

    Chargeback Prevention

    Unicorn Group screens all your transactions around the clock to protect your business from fraudulent transactions and chargeback issues.

    Fraud Prevention

    We use adjustable fraud scrub technology running around the clock to protect your business. Our proprietary, adjustable fraud prevention technology will verify transaction data and settle disputes at all times.



    With a support team from all over the globe, Unicorn Group’s dedicated integration team has provided stellar support for over 100,000 new and existing merchants. We’ll make sure to guide you through the process and every step. Upon request, we will even complete the integration for you.


    We have several different payout structures for you to choose from to suit your online business. Schedule your payments and rely on worry-free transfers.


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    With Unicorn Group, you’ll have the ability to accept payments with industry leading features and functionality all at a very affordable rate. Sign up is free and easy. We hope to offer you the lowest rate available and support your continued success.


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