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Find out how you can earn monthly revenue by referring your existing clients or new merchants to Unicorn Group’s all-inclusive payment platform as a payment gateway reseller.

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Refer New Merchants and Get a Monthly RevShare!

Join our reseller program and receive monthly residuals of all subsequent payment processing revenue for clients you refer to Unicorn Group.

Payment Gateway Reseller Partnership

Partner with Unicorn Group

Unicorn Group provides one of the most easily integrated solutions for merchants looking for a secure global payment gateway and a full feature set of merchant services. We have a straightforward, no-fuss sign-up process, no monthly minimums or dues for merchants, and seamless integrations with all of the major shopping platforms.

Our payment gateway resellers feel very confident endorsing our merchant accounts and payment services because we provide quality services at affordable rates. Moreover, our loyal credit card processing resellers are rewarded with even more favourable splits as they refer more accounts. Unicorn Group offers “no-pressure partnerships” that allow resellers to send in client referrals as they please with no minimums or quotas to meet.

  • 98% Merchant Approval Rate
  • Quick API Integrations
  • Flexible Payment Solutions
  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • Supports 196 Countries around the World
  • Settled into Your Bank Account
  • Excellent Customer Service

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Join a Reseller Program that Keeps On Giving

Unicorn Group gives percentage-based residuals to our merchant services resellers, so as long as your clients are actively processing payments, you’ll keep earning money.

* Ask Us About Our New Reseller Loyalty Offer

Developer-Reseller Partners

Refer Your Clients

You are dedicated to building websites for your clients that convert and help their businesses grow. Unicorn Group provides the reliable payment solution that each of your clients needs to turn their e-commerce website into a lucrative endeavour. Set your clients up for success with payment tools that help them run their online business effectively.

Suggest a payment solutions provider that will help your clients grow. Unicorn Group provides a customised, all-inclusive feature set that is flexible enough to support any kind of business. Our vast range of payment services protects your clients’ businesses with chargeback mitigation, fraud protection and industry-leading security measures.

  • More alternative payment methods than any other payment processing provider
  • Mobile-friendly payment gateway

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Ready for a payment gateway reseller experience you’ll love?

Unicorn Group is one of the most trusted providers of payment processing solutions in the world. Choose Unicorn Group for seamless, reliable, easy-to-integrate payment processing.

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