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Find out how you can earn monthly revenue by referring your existing clients or new merchants to our payment processing platform as a credit card processing reseller.

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Refer Merchants and Receive Monthly Commission!

Become part of our reseller program and receive a revenue share on all payment processing for the clients you refer to Unicorn Group.

Card Processing Reseller Partnership

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Unicorn Group is a payment processing provider that offers an all-inclusive payment platform with seamless integrations for merchants around the world. Our merchant account sign-up process is simple and straightforward, there are no monthly minimums or dues, and our API-hosted checkout is one of the most easily integrated solutions on the market.

Our credit card processing resellers are passionate about recommending our payment gateway to their clients. Moreover, our no-pressure partnership gives our merchant services resellers the freedom to send in referrals whenever they like and rewards loyalty with higher percentage-based residuals.

  • 98% Merchant Account Approval Rate
  • Rapid, Seamless Integrations
  • Flexible, Diverse Payment Solutions
  • Multi-Currency Payment Processing
  • Supports 196 Countries around the World
  • Paid Directly into Your Bank Account
  • 24/7 Customer Service

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Ongoing Earnings

Unicorn Group offers our credit card processing reseller partners percentage-based commissions on all of our payment services, so as long as the merchant accounts you referred are actively processing payments, you’ll continue to receive payouts.

* Ask Us About Our New Reseller Loyalty Offer

Ready for the perfect credit card processing reseller partnership?

Unicorn Group is one of the most trusted providers of payment processing solutions in the world. Choose Unicorn Group for seamless, reliable, easy-to-integrate payment processing.

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