Secure Credit Card Processing

The Industry’s Strictest Security Standards

There’s nothing more important to us than protecting information security for both our merchants and their customers. That’s why Unicorn Group has some of the strictest security standards in the industry, because we believe in protecting and providing secure credit card processing and the integrity of all those who use our secure payment processor services.

With every online transaction, we continuously implement our proprietary Fraud Scrub technology and maintain our certifications to ensure that we’re one of the best secure payment processors in the industry. Our dedicated in-house staff is constantly evolving and improving our security standards to keep merchants and customers safe.

Payment Gateway Security Features:

  • Fraud Scrub: Our proprietary Fraud Scrub is customisable and adjustable
  • Securely Encrypted SHA-256 SSL: SSL keeps your data communication safe
  • PCI Compliance

How PCI Compliance Can Affect Your Business

Safety and Security You Can Afford

If secure credit card processing data is stolen, a merchant that is not PCI compliant can be fined up to €500,000 per incident, penalised, and even have their right to accept credit cards revoked. These consequences loom especially large when you consider that 80% of online security attacks are against small businesses that may not have the in-house resources to deal with the problem effectively.

It’s important to safeguard your business against these threats. When you use Unicorn Group as your secure payment gateway, the responsibility of protecting data and maintaining your PCI compliance becomes ours. Directing your transactions to secure payment processing from Unicorn Group ensures that your business will never have to deal with sensitive credit card data directly, thereby protecting you from liability. And when we assume the risk, we make sure that our security is held to the strictest standards.

On a Global Scale

With Unicorn Group, you rest easy knowing that your customers’ data is as safe as possible, and that your company is safe from the negative repercussions that result from a security attack. This protection comes with an excellent payment processing product that’s full featured, easy for you and your customers to use, and available in your company’s budget.

In addition to being affordable and customisable, Unicorn Group’s payment processing services can help your business enter into the global market of e-commerce. Unicorn Group can run transactions using 164 currencies in more than 195 countries. And you’ll never have to pay a conversion fee to use multiple currencies. Our affordable and powerful solutions have kept millions turning to Unicorn Group for their payment processing needs.

To get more protection for your e-commerce transactions, trust in Unicorn Group. For more information or to sign up for a secure payment gateway solution, contact Unicorn Group today.

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