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A web developer’s job is to create highly functional, beautiful websites for their clients in the simplest terms. These websites will propel their clients’ businesses to greater levels of success – this is why it is so important to choose the best online payment service for their online payment processing.

With Unicorn Group, your client can accept payments on their websites quickly and securely. Better yet, you can earn residual income by simply choosing Unicorn Group for their online payment needs.

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Integrating Your Client is Easy

Unicorn Group has a developer-friendly payment gateway with a proven track record of security and success. You will safely give your client all the tools they need to be fully operational and successful in the e-commerce space.

We have a flexible feature set that is set up to service a wide variety of business types, so merchants will see quicker approvals and start accepting payments sooner. Unicorn Group will empower their business with the ability to accept more payment types in more places.


Global Presence

Unicorn Group processes payments in 196 countries, and its merchants accept nearly every payment method globally. In today’s market, it’s more important than ever to position your e-commerce site globally, and Unicorn Group is the ideal payment services provider to help your clients do that.

Simple Integration

Unicorn Group is compatible with every programming language and major shopping cart systems. It’s built around a developer-friendly payment gateway that’s easy to integrate with RESTful APIs and ready-built modules, making integration simpler. We also offer free integration assistance.

Tight Security

Unicorn Group is dedicated to protecting merchants and their customers. Our PCI-Compliant payment processing system is protected by customisable Fraud Scrub technology, SHA-256 SSL encryption, persistent monitoring and more to safeguard your clients from the dangers of online fraud.

24/7 Support

Unicorn Group provides support around the clock for your clients and their customers. Our technical support team will ensure positive experiences and offer assistance whenever it is needed. While other payment processors may leave merchants in the dark, Unicorn Group strives to offer the best in online payment services.

Simplified Management

Unicorn Group provides customised summary reports, transaction reporting tools, and persistent monitoring available to your client at all times. Your clients will have the ability to manage their business from their fingertips in real-time and conveniently track their transactions from anywhere in the world – simplifying operations and cashflow management.

The Payment Industry’s Most Capable and Easy-To-Use APIs for Developers

All our solutions and features are easily integrated to make life easier for web developers. Regardless of the tools your merchant needs, we make it simple to give them more options and capabilities. Choose the solution best fit for them and empower them with features and the ability to scale their e-commerce business.

  • QuickPay
  • Direct Integration
  • Direct API Integrations
  • Tokenization API
  • Tokenization Script

Payment Processing for Web Developers

Europe’s Leading Payment Processing Infrastructure for E-commerce

Unicorn Group is innovating e-commerce by providing the best payment solutions for your clients and simplifying the integration process. Our solutions are customised to your clients’ business models and built to service their companies. All the while, keeping the integration process simple and straight-forward for developers.

All-Inclusive Platform

Unicorn Group can power your payment processing regardless of your business model, servicing subscription businesses, recurring billing, software platforms, and more.

99.9% Uptime

Your website depends on reliability. Unicorn Group keeps your e-commerce site up and running. Count on a payment processor that will always be there when you need it.

Smart Optimisation

We use advanced machine-learning technology and countless data points to innovate our payment platform so that your business always has leading-edge technology and features.

Simple Integrations

We have pre-built integrations and plugins for most major e-commerce shopping cart options and e-commerce tools/partners to give your clients easy access to new technology.

Enjoy a Profitable Partnership with Unicorn Group

As a web developer, you can keep getting paid long after the job is done. Connecting your clients with Unicorn Group ensures that each web development job you complete will create a long-term source of profit for you. Based on a percentage of the client’s sales, you will earn monthly residuals for referring them to Unicorn Group.

If you’re a web developer in search of a developer-friendly payment gateway to recommend to your clients, Unicorn Group is the perfect choice.

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