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Slovakia is forecasted to have 3.22 million e-commerce shoppers by 2027, and it is the perfect time for you to open your online business to Slovakian shoppers. 51% of Slovakia’s population already shops online and its rapidly growing e-commerce market is projected to have an annual volume of over €3 billion by 2027.

Do you want to accept payments from this valuable Slovakian market? We can make your online payment processing in Slovakia simple and secure.

With the rapid growth of social media on a global scale, YouTube and TikTok have overtaken television in Slovakia. Younger audiences are being reached and influenced through social network marketing. The ease of e-commerce gives companies across borders the means to reach new markets.

Unicorn Group can give you the ability to accept payments globally.

The most popular and lucrative e-commerce category in Slovakia is toys/hobby goods followed by electronics/media, fashion, furniture/appliances, and food/personal care. Companies like,,,,,,, and are generating millions in e-commerce revenue.

Slovakians prefer to pay with electronic debit and credit cards and other alternative payment options like ‘pay on delivery’. It’s important to give your online business the ability to accept more alternative payment options to suit the needs and preferences of your customers.

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Unicorn Group’s Payment Gateway Dashboard and merchant account services promote the growth of your business in Slovakia and beyond by giving you the tools you need for success. You will have access to real-time transaction data from anywhere in the world on your mobile/tablet/computer device. Track your e-commerce sales with automated reports and in-depth visualisations for each transaction, available at your fingertips. Our global payment gateway, merchant account services, and powerful reporting tools will help you keep track of your business in Slovakia and abroad without requiring countless hours of your time tracking sales.

With Unicorn Group, you’ll accept credit cards and many more alternative payment options efficiently and securely. Our low rates and transaction fees lead the industry with competitive rates and the most features and functionality available. The best payment service providers enable your business to accept a wide variety of payment options in multiple countries. Unicorn Group empowers your business with an all-inclusive solution that allows you to accept more payment methods safely and securely.

Quick Facts

E-Commerce in Slovakia

  • 51% of the Slovakian population already shops online
  • Population in Slovakia is 5.447 million
  • At the end of 2020, there were over 14,300 e-shops in Slovakia
  • Projections show 3.2 million e-commerce users in Slovakia by 2027
  • The average revenue per Slovakian user is over €700
  • The largest e-commerce category in Slovakia is Toys, Hobby, DIY

Why does Unicorn Group lead the industry of payment providers?

In an age where cash payments are becoming obsolete, global communities are relying more on e-commerce technology that integrates more forms of online payments while streamlining checkout.

The best payment processing solutions have seamless integrations and keep merchants up and running with secure payment processing globally.

By accepting more payment methods and alternative payment options, merchants can increase their total e-commerce sales. Just as online banking and contactless payments have become industry standards, there are many popular online payment methods now.

If you enable your business to accept more of these payment methods, you enable your business to see more success.

View on Any Device

Unicorn Group’s payment system is designed to unlock content in any format. Whether you’re on your desktop computer or on your mobile device, you can rest assured that all your vital financial information is available for you.

Sync Up with Other Services

Many e-commerce sites and banking services are now offering “Buy Now, Pay Later” options like Klarna as a way to service this rapidly growing demand and appeal to new users. Accept credit cards and sync up with more alternative payment options with Unicorn Group.

Scales to Any Size

By 2027, Slovakia will have over 3.2 e-commerce users. Choose solutions that allow your business to grow. Unicorn Group consistently customises form-fit solutions for businesses of all sizes at low rates. Whether you run a large enterprise or a small, local business, Unicorn Group has the best solution for your business in Slovakia.



Unicorn Group’s payment gateway services offer more than just a dashboard and means to accept payments – you get the tools you need to manage your business in Slovakia and protection against fraud. Here are just a few of our payment acceptance features that are available to your e-commerce business.

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments from customers in Slovakia manually on your desktop or mobile device. Just enter your customer’s credit card or alternative payment information and click ‘Charge’ – no credit card required physically.

Affiliate Management

Do you have resellers or affiliates in Slovakia? Do you need to issue commission payouts? Unicorn Group enables you to manage your payouts with individual reports for free.

Customer Database

Collect and store customer contact information for e-mail marketing campaigns to keep your audience engaged.

Recurring Billing

Unicorn Group makes it simple to seamlessly implement flexible billing cycles for recurring billing and membership plans in Slovakia.

Chargeback Prevention

Unicorn Group screens your transactions 24/7 to protect your business from fraudulent chargeback issues or fraudulent transactions.

Fraud Prevention

Our adjustable fraud scrub technology works around the clock to protect your business. The proprietary security technology verifies transaction data and aides in settling disputes.


We’ve implemented industry leading security standards to protect merchants and consumers in Slovakia and abroad. Our payment solutions are PCI Compliant and protected with SHA-256 SSL Encryption. We maintain leading-edge industry security standards to protect your growing business.

Learn more about security

Certified Services

Unicorn Group is certified for safe and secure payment solutions for e-commerce in Slovakia. When you choose Unicorn Group, you can trust that your payment processing is protected.

Free Integration Assistance

Integrate our payment gateway services and any of our supported shopping cart solutions with your website to give your customers a great online shopping experience. Positive customer experiences and smooth checkout processes lead to customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Choose Unicorn Group for your Slovakia-based business and you will see a simple integration process with our RESTful APIs along with free integration assistance to ensure the process is quick and painless.

Integration Support

Unicorn Group has a dedicated team that can handle the integration process, if requested. We do our best to make things simple for our merchants.

Shopping Cart Compatible

Our Global Payment Gateway works with most major shopping cart software options. We strive to give you a solution you can pair with almost anything.

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