Flexible Payment Processing Solutions

Compatible with Your E-Commerce Platform Unicorn Group is a leading provider of online payment solutions because of our compatibility with major e-commerce platforms and the flexibility of our payment solutions. Sign up today for your personalised rate as low as 1%.


Unicorn Group is an e-commerce service provider that gives online businesses the ability to accept payments online. Our customisable e-commerce solutions are easily integrated and feature leading-edge functionality. Opening an independent online business has never been easier, and we can help you.


Unicorn Group features customisable payment solutions that are easily integrated with your website and e-commerce platform. Our global payment gateway is set up to work in any programming language and with any of our many supported shopping cart solutions and more.

Our sign up and integration process can take less than 12 hours because we’ve built an infrastructure to support simple integrations and secure payment processing for our merchants.

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  • Accept All Major Credit Cards
  • Accept More Alternative Payment Options
  • Mobile-Friendly Checkout Experience
  • Pre-Built Shopping Cart Plug-Ins
  • Settle Your Profit in Your Preferred Currency
  • 24/7 Support for You and Your Customers

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    Unicorn Group is easily integrated with a wide range of popular shopping cart solutions via our pre-built modules. While our featured platforms are WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, and Ecwid, we partner with many more to cater to our merchants’ requests.

    Don’t see the one you want to use? Sign up and we’ll build a module for you.


    At Unicorn Group, we understand that most companies and online stores don’t have a web developer on staff. For this reason, we have provisioned our solutions to make integrations simple. We even offer free integration assistance to help you get your online business up and running. If you request free integration assistance, one of our development team members will help you integrate your website or, upon request, we will integrate it for you at no additional cost.



    Unicorn Group’s Payment Gateway Dashboard gives you accurate, real-time transaction data from anywhere in the world on any device. You can keep track of your sales at all times with automated reports and in-depth visualisations for each transaction.


    Unicorn Group offers a mobile-friendly solution for your online store, making mobile checkout simple and secure. Our dashboard and reporting tools are also available to you on your mobile device to give you real-time access to your transaction information wherever you are.

    Customer Database

    With Unicorn Group, you can collect and store your customers’ contact information for e-mail marketing campaigns to keep your customers engaged and perpetuate repeat purchases.

    Recurring Billing

    Our payment solutions make it simple to seamlessly implement flexible billing cycles for recurring billing and membership plans.

    Reliable Payouts

    With Unicorn Group, you can count on your payouts. We offer several different payout structures so that you can implement one that fits your business model. Choose yours and count on being paid on time, every time.


    Getting started is easy! First, sign up with us. We’ll offer you a personalised rate and guide you through the signup process. Next, choose which e-commerce platform or shopping cart solution you’d like to use to power your online store. Once you’ve chosen a platform, we’ll lead you through the integration process with a pre-built module or, at your request, complete the integration for you. Once integrated, you can customise and begin accepting payments!


    We would love to help you grow your online business. We provide safe and secure online payment solutions that give you the freedom to accept more payments from more payment methods from all over the world. Sign up today and let’s discuss what your needs are and how we can help you maximise your e-commerce success.


    We’re offering free integration assistance to help you open your online store and begin accepting payments with low promotional transaction rates starting as low as 1%.

    Take advantage of this opportunity and let us help you become an independent e-commerce retailer. Sign up today to get your rate and see how we can help you grow your online business.

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